What is fashion? When there’s conversation that revolves around thread jargon, I tend to segmentalize the topic into two areas – one being current fashion trends, the other being ‘personal trends’. As a designer, I live in a realm of vivid colors, dimensions, beauty and materials; while my clients see this reflection through different a perspective where fashion and style intertwine… giving rise to individualistic patterns that shape choice – and that is why I find it so important to give my client personal attention, to understand every requirement, no matter how big or small.Design and creativity never came to me over the years, it always felt like I was born with it. As far as my memory line takes me, I remember my inquisitive young self trying to discern every grain of fabric, tune of hue and piece of fine hand or machine work, to understand the thought process behind the cloth of fashion. Fascination used to cloud my imagination on how individual threads, woven together could egress into something of such magnificence and class. Over time, my mind began running in overdrive and my pencil began to sketch my brand name; Jeewan Kaur – Atelier of Fashion.

May it be from my Ethnic Signatures, Royal Sophistique or High Fashion Collection; just the way fingerprints are unique, every outfit that leaves my line has an unparalleled tinge to it. When I already catered to having a creation for every occasion, I sat upon my build and decided to launch my latest collection – SimpliCity – a line for women who desire to wear their confidence on a daily basis.

“Fashion evolves, trends change, but my stance towards client satisfaction will always remain at the pinnacle – for generations.” – Jeewan Kaur


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